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This is a bi-lingual site (in English and Kannada) about Sri Vadiraja of Sonda. Sri Vadiraja Tirtha, descendant in line of Sri Vishnu Tirtha stands second to only to Sri Madhwacharya himself, in the Mâdhva hierarchy. He is widely regarded as being the incarnation of Lâtavya, a rju-tâtvika-yogi and the successor to Mukhya PrâNa. Sri Vadiraja Tirtha was a mystic, a profound scholar, a well known debater a prolific writer and gifted poet. He lived for more than 120 years. The period of his sanyasa happens to be the longest one. He wrote more than 100 works in Sanskrit and Kannada in defense of Dvaita system. Few works in tulu, hindi, telugu and marathi also stand to his credit. His contribution is a mark of maturity and a symbol of great erudition.

iShThArtha sidhi sEva krama

Sri Vadirajaru, being Sadhana Devathe would grant all sadbhaktas their wishes.

Sri aNuvRuMdAvanAkhayAna pArayana samithi